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Workshops are a combination of discussion, the learning of new practical skills and the chance to practice and talk about what’s been learnt in a safe, friendly environment. You will hear and learn from the experiences of others as well as adding your own thoughts and experiences into the pot. The power of a group is a great force to tap and workshops allow us to access it. There is an agreement amongst participants that personal stories remain confidential in the room and though you may share the information, skills and tools that you learnt, others people’s personal stories are kept in confidence.

You will leave each workshop with practical new skills, fresh thinking and inspiration about the area of family life covered by the session.


Imagine a space where you get a chance to talk about issues in your family life in a supportive, confidential, learning space. One of my big beliefs that guides my parenting and my parent coaching is that we have to keep learning when we parent.


Each of our children is completely different; each stage that they go through requires completely different behaviours and responses of you.

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Being a primary school teacher by training, I guess it’s no surprise that I am drawn to creating educational, nurturing, engaging workshops for groups of children. Some issues require the confidential and bespoke work and content that is typical of one to one coaching.


Other situations and children are well served by the collaborative learning and sharing space that is created by a group-coaching workshop.

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Parenting can bring up issues that press our buttons, drag out our baggage, challenge us to the core and make us question whether we are OK not just a parent, but as a person. That is some heavy stuff! Parent coaching sessions support you to get answers, ideas, hope, confidence, perspective, calm and balance.


Sessions are confidential and personalised for you and your circumstances. I will be your support, your guide, your challenger and your advocate.

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In coaching sessions, clients and I talk about their life from the biggest and most powerful of times to the small day to day stuff that makes us who we are and makes our life what it is. I’m a very good listener and children find it easy to talk to me and after just short amounts of time in sessions, talk to me candidly and openly about their lives. I never take this for granted. It is a great responsibility and a privilege as a young person has decided to trust me.


This is so much of what coaching is about. I find out what is going on for people now, relevant details about their past and then what it is that they want for the future. I coach, teach, mentor and support them move towards the way they want things to be.

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