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Life Coaching allows a person of any age to deal with life issues, life improvement plans, emotions that are getting in the way of living their best life (anger, anxiety, sadness, grief, worthlessness, hopelessness, fear, disappointment and confusion)

In my work I use counseling skills, coaching techniques, NLP, drama, art, play therapy style techniques and my ability to help children feel comfortable, listened to, understood and able to trust and work with me to work out what needs change and step by step how to change and improve it.

What do we want for our children? For them to feel happy, hopeful, capable and resourceful.

So what do we do if they are feeling sad, hopeless, useless and lacking in self belief and low in confidence?

What do we want for ourselves? Satisfaction, peace of mind, a sense of purpose, control of our responses and our destiny, to experience love and respect and to be happy, hopeful, capable and resourceful.

So what do we do when we feel frustrated, ill-at-ease, lost, powerless, chaotic, weak, hopeless, stressed, sad and ineffective?

Coaching gives people a time and place to unpack all of the stuff in their life, mind, relationships and feelings and to explore it, understand it, get new perspective and feelings about it so that they can sort it out.

I have been working as  a specialist life coach for children and parents, privately and in schools,  since 2003. Here are some snippets of what parents have said about the work I’ve done with their children:

“I have my daughter back. Her confidence and self esteem are much improved, she is so happier and she has secured part time employment. I am so grateful for the work Tara did with my daughter.”

Mum of DD aged 18  

After a few sessions with Tara, he became reassured that it was possible  to communicate with adults and he even realised that to talk about his issues would be beneficial for him. That was as a result of Tara’s perseverance, good humour and kind, supportive manner. I will be forever grateful to Tara for guiding both me and my son through a really difficult period, and as a result of her intervention, we are doing really well now.” 

Mum of DS aged 8

My daughter is now 11 and we were lucky enough to be referred to Mrs. Green from her primary school when she was 7. Our situation was our daughter had lost all her confidence and stopped going out to her usual clubs, dancing and Brownies.  It progressively got worse. She was becoming withdrawn from her peers and any life outside the home. After a few sessions with Mrs. Green on a one to one basis, she started to become happier.  Mrs. Green provided her with a quiet place and she felt she could trust Mrs. Green with anything. Mrs. Green worked with her to bring her confidence back, all the time communicating with us on her progress. Now our daughter has many friends, goes to loads of outside school clubs and even performed dancing at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London.

Mum of DD aged 7 at the time of our work

How To Start

First, call 07973 404113 to schedule a free no-obligation 20minute chat with me. This will give you a  sense of who I am and how I work.Then you can see for yourself how you or your child ca benefit from the coaching process.

Formats and Fees 

1-1: £65 1 hour session 

6 Sessions Format: £50 per session

Telecoaching: £120month. Four 30-minute coaching phone calls per month (pre-scheduled) with e-mail contact.

I also run group coaching sessions and workshops so please give me a call or check my calendar of events to find our more about these other ways to work with me.

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