Why is she called The Parenting Geek?

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So why am I a geek?

Well you probably are too! Answer these questions to decide:

  1. Is there something that you enjoy learning about or doing in your work (this may only apply if you really like your job, or at least a particular aspect of it) or spare time?
  2. Is your knowledge on this topic or activity much greater than that of the average person?
  3. Do you read many books and magazines on this topic?
  4. Do you regularly seek information about this area on the internet, through websites, blogs, social networking sites and forums?
  5. If people need to know something about this topic, are you a person they often ask for answers or advice?
  6. Do you know the obvious information, but also less well-known and downright quirky facts on this topic?
  7. Can you name 2 or more experts in this arena?
  8. Do you know so much that you could- though of course you never would!- be in danger of boring people with your knowledge as you have the ability to talk about this for hours?
  9. Have you spent time, effort and money to pursue your knowledge, learning and experience of this topic or activity?

If you have answered yes to 4 or more of the questions, you are a geek about this area of your life. Almost all of us are a geek about something.

Being a geek simply means that you have an above average interest and knowledge base in your chosen area and actively pursue information and experience about it. Intellectually or experientially, you have a thirst to know and do more.

So here are my answers to the questions above:

  1. From the age of 15 when I decided that I wanted to pursue the skills necessary to do some kind of therapeutic work with children and from the age of 18 when I decided that working with children in isolation from their education and family systems was silly and decided to pursue skills and knowledge to work for children and families in schools and their homes, I was laying the foundations of my status as The Parenting Geek.
  2. Yes! From my degree in psychology and social biology, through to my teaching qualifications and years of experiences, then onto the counselling track with certificates in family therapy, psychodynamic counselling and counselling skills using the arts; to coaching and NLP trainings (I have 2 each of qualifications in practitioner and master practitioner for goodness sake!) and up to and including Master Coach Practitioner. I’ve been employed in a school as a coach for 5-11 year olds for 6 and a half years. And the best bit- Mum to lovely girls aged nearly 4 and 6.
  3. My house is lined with books about children parents, families and education. My library cards (I’ve stolen my husband’s) are maxed out too.
  4. I have a slight addiction to Twitter. It has allowed me to be in contact with people all over the world who share a passion for my geek-topic. And Google Reader opens up a world of blogs to learn from.
  5. My work puts me naturally in this role and people will seek me out in my personal and professional life for new ideas and answers.
  6. Did you know that a mother’s brain gets bigger in the months after birth, to give enough space for the neurological role of biologically bonding with her baby. Did you know that testosterone levels in fathers drop from pregnancy until the baby is 6 months old so that they are biologically more available to the family and evolutionarily more likely to remain and support the mother and child at this vulnerable time? New dads are therefore very likely to cry at films, emotional events, the drop of a hat . . .
  7. I will be referring to their work constantly throughout mine. I am part of a wide community of people with amazing skills and knowledge to draw upon.
  8. Yes. Just look at my answer to question 2!
  9. Oh Yes. My children call my courses ‘Mummy’s Learning’ and I am fondly referred to as a ‘course junkie’ by my husband.

With The Parenting Geek website, blog, courses and products, my aim is to share the best and most useful of my knowledge and strategies with you. And the best bit of this for me, is that it’s a two way process of learning. You will have successes and strategies for issues and experiences you have had and I will learn and grow from your input too. Because ultimately we are all the main expert for how life runs most smoothly in our own homes and families, though at times we need the advice, knowledge and support of a geek and a wider community to help us to implement them even more successfully.

So here’s to our shared journey.

Here’s to a real and a virtual village to help us to raise our children

And here’s to the adults our children will become and the future they will inhabit. Parenting – a very important job.

One Response to “Why is she called The Parenting Geek?”

Helena Holrick
November 13, 2010

Tara, you are such a gift to all mothers and fathers out there. I am so thrilled you are finally sharing the wealth of knowledge, good practice, ideas, tips and joy you experience in having done all your mummy’s learning and in living your life with your gorgeous children. I’m looking forward to sharing the journey. I’m now off to answer the questions for myself too!

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