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All of the content posted on this site from February to June was lost recently, as the company that we rented our server from was very rubbish indeed. We contacted them multiple times about the fact that we could no longer access the site but to no avail. They ignored us thoroughly and completely. Due to a strange quirk caused by the fact that I also use the Word Press app on my phone and iPad but had not updated the app since the lost material was lost, I have managed to copy, paste and email myself all of the text from the lost posts. I will therefore soon begin the task of turning the text back into posts and putting them all back on the site.

This post is by way of explanation for my silence on the site since mid-June when the site was lost. More importantly though, I would like to thank those of you who had commented on the posts. These comments are permanently lost and I just wanted to let you know that I really love it when you tell me your thoughts and share your comments, and that I had not removed the comments, but rather, have had them taken by the poor practices of the company that we had our server with. I will add the posts back in gradually, and I will add new posts too.

I am very glad to have the site back and look forward to writing here again.

Thank you for joining me. My warmest regards to you.

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