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By virtue of my blog and my reviewing, I’ve been invited to attend the Centrale Spring Fashion Fix Event tomorrow. At 3 o’clock, I’m going to be meeting the lovely Sadie from the Centrale team to be shown around the event. I have been booked into some of the sessions. The video in this link gives some info on what the event has to offer:

Centrale Spring Fashion Fix

It is as if the universe knows that I have decided that this, my forty first year, is to be the one in which I try and grow up in the fashion and styling stakes. The fashion, beauty and style aspects of my life are not thriving. Since 2007 when I swapped my regular exercise routine for a regular training routine to swap from a teaching career to a coaching and counseling one, I have become larger than the size I think of as being my comfortable, right size.

I have waited to buy new clothes until I’m back to ‘my’ size. It is my absolute hope that I do not get run over any time soon, as underwear was a part of this rule too. My greying,  too tight pants and my wardrobe full of clothes that I can’t wear or that are just old and crap are wholly unsatisfying in the feel-good stakes.

It’s also the case that I just don’t know anything about make-up. On a night out I wear mascara. For everyday wear I only use concealer. I don’t even wear moisturiser at the moment because Olay have stopped selling the only one that didn’t upset my skin. I do get decent haircuts, but these now happen every 4 months rather than every 2 months that is ideal for a short, graduated bob like mine. The money we have goes on dressing the children and not us these days.

I have nice nails. I have hair that is straight, shiny and easy to style. I am strong, fit and healthy. I have looked nice occasionally. I’m not a hopeless case but I am clueless. I want to learn to put make up on; I want to learn to dress in ways that suit me but that also nod to the style and the colours of the season. I want people to notice what I’m wearing because it suits me and because I look bloody brilliant! When I stand up to speak at events and to run my workshops, I want people to spend the first two minutes not even listening to me because they’re wondering where I got the lovely dress and shoes from.

I want to throw away the 6 outfits that I have been wearing on repeat for the last two years.

So tomorrow is the start of my fashion and style education. I have no idea what to wear and I truly wish that my skin was not having such a bad day, but I’m swallowing my pride and I’m heading in to start the process of sorting out my style and my styling skills.

Wish me luck and come down and join the event. You can go to the link I’ve posted here and book yourself a place if you fancy it. Come and say hello if you do; you’ll be able to find me as I fear I shall be the worst dressed gal in the place. Just you wait til the Centrale Autumn/ Winter Fashion Fix event though- I hope to be less ashamed of myself by then!


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