My Day: Weekend of 31st Sept and 1st Sept 2013

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  • Reading a shared bedtime story to my two big girls. We’re reading Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfield, which I read multiple times as a child. Also, in talking about books, they both scurried off to their room with a book each of mine from when I was a child. The eldest had Louisa M. Alcott’s ‘Little Women’ and the other had Johanna Spyri’s ‘Heidi.’ I absolutely love how much they both love books and stories and how creative their minds are in the art of storytelling as they are so familiar with the art from all of their books and films that they enjoy.
  • The baby is still calling me Mama, but her words and voice are becoming more sophisticated everyday and she now calls my husband Daddy as well as Dada and my Mum Nanny as well as Nana. She has started to call my middle daughter Mimi. When she wakes in the morning she now lays in her cot chatting away to herself, naming all the toys and objects that she can and every so often calling out “Mama?” until I come.
  • We all went to see a show put on by a local youth theatre group. Well, not all, as we left the baby at home by going in shifts, with my eldest daughter going with my mum and my middle daughter going with me and my husband. I knew 4 of the young people in the show and they all shone and were absolutely brilliant. The street dance numbers were amazing and I have determined to get the kids to a street dance class this term. In fact, I am wondering if there is an adult, absolute beginners, ain’t got no rhythm class for me too.
  • I stoopidly opened my iPad right before bed last night. I’d seen that The Levellers were coming to Croydon and wanted to check it was the real ones and not a tribute band. As I looked, a couple of emails from work popped up. One said that something about my work is going to change and could I go into school to see them about what this would mean. So annoying to not know what this means and to have to wait until Monday morning to go in and find out. Luckily it didn’t stop me from sleeping but it has played on my mind all day.
  • I got sun burnt on a big group play date for number two daughter’s school friends. It was not hot, but I am red like the proverbial lobster. It was OK, but I felt a little out of sorts as I seem to be a bit of an outsider in this group. Always a dead give-away when I spend more time talking to the children than to the other mums!
  • Went to Purley Breakfast Club for the first time since May and it was full of lovely friends. A much more comfortable and chatty get together. I love the friends I’ve met at this group. So many of them are mums running their own business and they are very inspiring because they are out there earning money and doing business and generally being rather fabulous. 
  • I finally looked up recipes and ideas for what to do with elderberries as we picked pounds of the things from the garden and elderberry wine just doesn’t sound alluring. There are sackfuls of pears on our tree and the girls went blackberry picking with my mum. How very harvest-festival this all sounds!
  • As a payday treat we had a Chinese take-away for dinner on Saturday night and it was fun to see the children trying new dishes. Fussy-Eaters anonymous resides

    These girls have always loved books

    in my house. I was glad that they weren’t overly keen on the crispy seaweed as I do like to be a hog and eat the whole portion myself. Crispy-duck chow mein was the most popular dish on the table unless you include prawn crackers. 

  • The last weekend of the summer holidays has come and gone. Autumn term starts this week.

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