My day: 6th September 2013

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  • Five friends and their three babies came to my house for lunch today. We had a picnic planned but moved the venue inside after we read the weather forecast. 
  • Two daughters had friends home for tea and a play after school and it was a delight. The sun was back out by then and the sunshine and sweety night accompanied the chatter of us all as we walked home from school.
  • I am coming to terms with the fact that I am teaching and not coaching at school this year. This is my tenth year of being the school counselor and I am grieving the loss of this role as I grapple with the idea of taking on all that teaching requires of me again. This is a short term change for me but as I quite deliberately and decisively left the teaching world nine years ago, I am feeling ambivalent about having to go back into it again. It was always a step on the road to my chosen career and not my chosen career. Yet here I am now, having it chosen for me again. My coaching skills have been honed by years of practice and many thousands of pounds worth of training. 

    Back to the Chalk Face

    My teaching skills feel like a long-ago stored-away box of tools. 

  • I had a crashing and crushing disappointment today. I’m not shocked by it but I am stopped in my emotional tracks by it. A hoped for permanent change has been proved to have been temporary, at least for now. It wasn’t my change though, and who am I to talk anyway? My comfort-eating habits are proving to be very hard to shift. Reading a very interesting book called ‘The Power of Habits’ and hoping to learn some thought and action processes to move beyond the habits I’ve formed. Also reading J.K. Rowling’s ‘A Casual Vacancy’ and enjoying it. I love how my Kindle allows me to have so many books on the go at once, and have them all in my handbag to choose from depending on what I fancy reading.
  • I am honing a plan to carve out more time to work on my business. I have a bunch of voluntary roles and projects that I help with and they are mostly going to have to go in order for me to have the time and capacity to become my own boss and gain control of the work I want to be doing. 

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