My Day: 5th September 2013

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  • I met with friends this evening and had such a fun time. I laughed so much that my throat is aching. That is such a good ache! I keep remembering bits of the evening and actually smiling. Thank you ladies. Your company is an absolute tonic x
  • I have sorted out the childcare quandary that arose when my hours and days of work changed at short notice. This is a big relief as my head kept going over all of the possibilities and there weren’t enough possibilities to go over. I also had a conversation about buying 3 hours a week of childcare to give me some time to get moving on my business. Exciting and yet sad. I want to do this and to get products, events and services up and running, but I also want to spend all the time I have with my baby. She is such good company. So then I tell myself that it will all be to her benefit in the end. If we are ever going to have a house, holidays and money to spare, this is the way forward. Motherhood pulls my feelings in so many directions at the same time. 
  • There is food in my cupboard, and the freezer is also reasonably stocked, and yet somehow I just don’t have all of the ingredients needed for any one meal. Part of me is bored rigid with working out meals and menus for us and I have become disinterested in the process of putting a meal together for us all. So today I worked out a monthly meal-plan and I feel much more settled for having done it. Now all I need to do is to work out the shopping list for the plan and start getting back into the habit of feeding us all as well as I would like to. What we are having for dinner tomorrow is shrouded in mystery though. We have 2 extra children joining us for tea, and no tea. A bowl of cereal for dinner, anyone?
  • It was hot today, over 30 degrees. I had the fan on in the living room and it was cool, breezy and comfortable in there. baby and I played with some cards, read some books and enjoyed the languor that accompanies a humid, balmy, sunny, hot day. The big girls and I bought ice-poles on the way home from school and spent some time in the playground. I chatted contentedly with daughter number one whilst daughter number two reveled in the company of her best friend from school, who was also there. The forecast says that tomorrow is going to be 19 degrees and pouring with rain. I’m finding it hard to believe that the weather will turn that quickly. Our thermometer in the living room is showing that it is 24 degree now, and it’s after midnight.
  • My Mum came to our house so that I could do the school run without pushing the baby and the buggy up the hill. I left enough time to get there comfortably so I didn’t have to race in the heat. Our journey to school contains a lot of uphill walking. Mum then stayed and helped me to give the children their dinner and to put them to bed. This lead to a nice relaxed evening. There was the usual argy-bargy when it was time to clear away the toys, tidy up and get the uniform out for tomorrow but all were in bed by 8.15pm. Bedtime during the holidays had stretched until 9.30 almost every night.

    My lovely Mum who gives so much of herself to the raising of her grandchildren.

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