My day: 3rd September 2013

3 years ago by in My Life
  • I spent time with 2 of my very favourite friends today. Thank you Naomi and Helena for being so fab and for giving me your wise counsel after I vented a current issue to both of you, and to Carolyn, Nicola and Helen S for listening when I needed to rant! The end of the day finds me feeling much more serene about the event and the behaviour that made me simultaneously so sad and angry. I’ve worked through it and I’m moving on.
  • I told my middle daughter that she needed an early night because of the day ahead tomorrow. “Why? Where are we going tomorrow?” she asked. “You’re going back to school!” I told her, so surprised that she didn’t know. She plonked on the ground in a huff and said she didn’t want to, and asking for just one more day off. I can’t believe that I’ve written the article for the paper all about preparing for the return to school, and one of my girls doesn’t even know that we’re returning to school!
  • After a 6 week holiday, we completed the homework today, one day prior to needing to hand it in. I’m going to have to live with the fact that I am just a kind of a girl.
  • The baby was very grizzly today, in between bouts of being her usual busy, contented self. as with all parents of small children, I’m trying to guess why. I think that she has new molars coming through on the bottom gum.
  • A Playmobil land was created in the elder girls’ bedroom. There were animals, a school, a hospital and an ice-cream stall. Playmobil is fab; it is one of the most played with toys that we have.
  • Helena and I drank wine and put the world to rights this evening. 

    Reflecting on the end of the summer hols.

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