My Day: 30th August 2013

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  • Awake and cuddling bag-of-cats baby at 1 am. She’d been awake since 10.30 with a cold that came from nowhere and blocked up her poor little nose.
  • Baby, who until recently has only kissed inanimate objects for the most part, wanted to kiss me a lot today, with all the attendant goo that a baby with a runny nose sheds and shares.
  • Didn’t get dressed or washed today. Still in last night’s pyjamas now. Baby’s best outfit was a vest and wellies. I envy the ability that all 3 of my daughter’s have to look good no matter what they wear. I vow to do better with fitting into all of my nice clothes again.
  • Without leaving the house, I managed to spend £130 today. This was on YG theatre tickets which was worth the spend, a new album bought after hearing one song by Frank Turner on Reading coverage, also worth the spend, and a large sum on spray and medicine to rid my house and mangy cat of fleas. I am not an animal lover, and owning one is not altering this fact.
  • Much of day tidying, decluttering and de-flea-ing the big girls’ room. I am definitely keeping the girls but the cat’s residency is looking dodgy.
  • I am so grateful to my mum and husband for their help with this today.
  • Big girls had lots of fun spending an unbelievably long time using cookie cutters to make biscuits and decorate them.
  • Time spent worrying about whether I’m supposed to go to work on

    Always cute x

    Tuesday for the Inset day or not. I did phone to ask but the answerphone sounded unfriendly to my anxious ears and when nobody picked up after 5 rings so I took it as a sign and put the phone down. So the question remains. D’oh.

  • In desperation for a sweet snack when I finally sat down this evening at 10.45pm, I ate a mint flavoured Mini Roll. They’ve been in cupboard for months and now I know why. Mint Mini Rolls are wrong; don’t eat them. They are not as bad as BBQ Pringles or strawberry Jaffa Cakes, but they cause the same sort of confusion in my brain.
  • I spent an hour of this evening looking for a duvet. I somehow managed to mislay this large, voluminous, bright white quilt in my 3 bedroom house. I was so busy being surprised that it was even possible to lose a duvet, that I could hardly look for it. When it was found, we all swore that we hadn’t put it in the place that we found it.

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