My Day: 2nd September 2013

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  • I found out today that I’m going to be a classroom teacher again this year. I haven’t taught curriculum subjects at school since I became the school counselor, but the situation at school is such that I need to go back into the classroom again. I’ll be teaching 7 classes over two days each week, ranging from year one to year five. I will still see a very small number of children for 1:1 coaching/ counseling sessions but will mostly be classroom based rather than therapy room based for a couple of terms. This will be a nice way to feel a real part of the school community and get to know a large number of children and families. I will miss working with my lovely Julie though.
  • We picked blackberries this evening. As we picked for longer, I got braver at reaching into, over and behind the spiky bramble branches to reach the really juicy, ripe, big fruits. The baby sat in her pram, like a little queen, calling out for more blackberries and her big sister M popped ripe fruit into her mouth at very regular intervals. I picked 3 bowls of berries and took home one and a half, so the baby and I came out even.
  • My two big girls hardly argued today. They played with their Playmobil house and playground set for big parts of the day and were sweet to each other and harmonious in general. They are currently at ages and stages where they seem to argue more than they ever have, and so today was like a return to an earlier, more peaceful era of sisterly companionship. They are both amazingly good with the baby and laugh and take delight in almost everything that she does.
  • I was introduced to a business mum on Twitter in the last few days and today we had a chat about our respective businesses and skill sets. I find it very inspiring to talk to other mums who are in business as I learn things from each of them about how to move my business forward and how to combine business and family life. So thank you to Suzanne @Eggdipdip for introducing me to Dawn @The_Moiderer
  • Ham, egg and chips for dinner whilst watching Breaking Bad with my lovely Hubby.
  • Procrastinating and still not having written my Croydon Advertiser articles for last Friday’s deadline.
  • Stopping procrastinating and finally ordering name labels for my oldest daughter’s uniform. I think I bought a million labels with her name on when she was at nursery, but I have obviously attached many of them to garments since then.
  • The girls are still decorating the biscuits they made at the weekend and are creating works of art with the icing pens and Jelly Tots. It would have been nicer if daughter number one had not decorated one as a foot with a smelly verruca though. Life would not have suffered without the presence of that creation.

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