How to Praise a Child Well

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Instead of praising your child for being clever or good when they achieve something, praise your child for the effort they put into the things they do. One day they will find something really hard to do, and if they don’t know that hard work and perseverance are the qualities they need, they will instead think they aren’t clever or good anymore when they find something really hard to do, and they will give up and feel bad about themselves.

First published in my parenting column in the Croydon Advertiser on 26th April 2013

2 Responses to “How to Praise a Child Well”

Wendy Ager
November 18, 2013

So simply put Tara. Reminds me of Nurture Shock chapter about praising children but that didn’t really say what TO do, just findings about praising blindly! Thanks

Tara Green
November 28, 2013

Thank you Wendy. Glad it was helpful. I’ll write a post with some more practical ideas on doing this in the new year.

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