Five Ways to . . . Ask Great Questions about Your Child’s School Day

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As most parents know, when you ask your child about their day at school, they often tell you that they can’t remember anything or that they didn’t do anything! Here are some little tricks to keep up your sleeve when you want to know a bit more about the hidden world of their school day.

  1. Swap the question “How was school?” for this one: “What were the three best/ most interesting/ surprising/ silliest/ most uncomfortable/ boring things about your day today?” Not everything is great about school and they’ll be glad for you to show that you do know this from time to time.
  2. Swap the question “Who did you play with today?” for this one: “Who really made you laugh today?”
  3. Instead of asking your child if they were good today, ask them who they were kind to today, who they helped today or who thought of the best game at playtime today. Or you could ask them who was kind, friendly or helpful to them at school today.
  4. Start to notice the best time to ask your child about their day. Do they like to talk about school on the way home, or are they more responsive and happy to talk when they’ve been home for a while and had a break and a snack? Ask them if you’re not sure. What happens if you don’t ask them about their day? Do you find nothing out or do they just tell you about school in their own time and way?
  5. To find out snippets of what they’ve been learning and doing, ask them if they learnt anything completely new today that they had never heard of before. Ask them if there was anything they learnt today that they would like to teach you. Be curious and interested, not interrogative and intrusive.
First Published in the Croydon Advertiser on 5th July 2013

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