Dearest Baby . . .

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Dear Baby,

Each evening as I put your big sisters to bed, you are getting hugs and kisses from them and they are singing you the lullabies that me and daddy used to sing to them. Separately they have both told me that they are so excited to see you that they can hardly wait. Melissa tells you to have a nice sleep and not to kick mummy, but of course she doesn’t really know that you are just following in the footsteps of those 2 strong capable girls who also wriggled and kicked away to let us know of their presence before we got to meet them! Taryn wants to be a ‘proper’ big sister as she says she was only a toddler when Melissa was born and didn’t get to do big sister things. She’s been helping around the house a lot to practice, packing the lunches for her and Melissa and getting our breakfasts prepared.

I’m pleased to tell you that the preparations to our house for your arrival are well under way. Mummy and Daddy have swapped rooms with your sisters. This was necessary as they have been accumulating toys, books and treasures for 5 and 7 years now and needed more space to store them. And when you are big enough, you will have your own little room, so that you can begin to accumulate your own treasures!

I have 2 more weeks at work before I take some time off to be ready for when you come and to get myself ready for your arrival. You’ll have to excuse me if my looking-after-a-baby skills are a bit rusty. I know from experience that I will quickly learn them on the job.

And the most important thing for you to know is that you are part of a very lovely family and that we all love you very much already. We can be a bit loud, and we all have our moments of being the grumpy one, but we also know how to have a hearty laugh and a group hug. We’re not keen on ironing but we love to draw and make pictures with lots of sellotape and sparkles. Daddy knows if you are a boy or a girl, but us 3 girls have that surprise yet to come. If you are a boy, your name is ready and waiting, but if you are a girl, the choosing is still happening.

So grow well, little child of mine. Feel the protection that my body is affording you and know that you will be just as nurtured, cared for and protected when you arrive as you are now.

I will write again and bring you some messages from your sisters to go with the cards and pictures that they are already making for you.
All of my love, little one,
Mummy x

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