Active Kindness to Other Mums

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I’m sharing a link to a guest-post that I wrote for another site: Theyasked me to write a guest-post about activism. I read the other stories, written by other mums, and was inspired by the actions and stands the women had taken for the causes they believed in. My own post was less political. I decided to write about an issue that had been on my mind. The issue was the competitiveness and lack of kindness and empathy I was seeing from some mums to other mums. Here we are doing this 24/7 job, a job that our partners don’t even understand sometimes, and yet here we were treating our fellow mums with judgement and superiority.

My post was a plea for mums to be kind to mums.

Follow the link to read it on the Story of Mum site, and do yourself a favour and check out the site whilst you’re there. Here is an explanation of what the site is all about.I have swiped these words straight from them as they can explain what they do much better than me:

“What is story of mum? Story of mum is an interactive journey – a chance for mums to be creative, to share our stories, to explore what it means to be us, and to play. We want to see your doodles. We want to explore the daily moments of creativity that are part and parcel of being a mum, yet which we don’t have the time to acknowledge. We want to connect with the joy of creating. We’ve created other human beings, how can it be so hard to believe in ourselves as amazing creative people? With story of mum, we want to go on an adventure with mums we don’t yet know. We want to be brave and playful and thoughtful and surprised. And we want to have as much fun as the kids. We want to share your stories – the words, the pictures, the sounds, your heart. The good stuff and the bad, happy and sad. We’re starting by sharing ours.”

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