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Please excuse me boring the pants off you with a post that is a review of my 2013 and some plans for my 2014. I’m bored to the point of coma with my Twitter feed, Feedly, podcast player and Facebook being bunged-up with goal setting drivel. Some of it is good drivel though, so I have to grudgingly admit to reading and learning from it. It’s just such a cliche. Cliches make me roll my eyes, groan and swear inwardly. Dull, dull, dull, especially when the cliche is trying to be all worthy and affirming. Wow! Maybe I’m in a bad mood tonight! The mince pie and tea I’m about to have will cure that. My own personal new year cliche is that I’m fatter than I was in mid December and am currently chomping my way through whole boxes of biscuits and chocolates so that they’re gone and I can begin to eat real food again.

2013 was at times a frenetic, chaotic and inharmonious year for me.


From Babies to Girls

I started the year with an 8 month old baby, and 6 and 8 year old little girls and end it with a 20 month old walking, talking, wrecking-ball, cuter than cute 20 month old and 7 and 9 year old young ladies.

From Expert to Alongside

I started the year with a job and I ended the year without that job. I learnt that much of my identity and self worth was actually tied to that job. It was a large part of who I thought I was and I didn’t even know it. I felt a bit special and superior because of my job and I had no idea. Job goes and ego reels. Who am I now? So a period of mourning for the loss of the much loved job, clients and colleagues ensued. The year ended with me having come through and found out more about who I am underneath the illusions that I’d allowed the job to add to my identity. The year ended with me having a very strong commitment to continuing my old work (and more) within my own business.

From Immortal to Just Wanting to Live Until 110 Years Old.

I started the year still in possession of the belief that I was immortal. I realized during the year that I will be 80 years old when my toddler is my age and that I’ll be 50 when she goes to high school. They are harsh facts man! I was left reeling from those moments of clarity. I realized that I’m mortal when my husband had a stroke in April. He has promised to be with me and love me forever but I realized that like all the people in the olden days and all the people in the history books and all the people pushing up the daisies all over the globe, I will one day be someone who once was and so will he. I experience such discomfort to imagine us not being in the world whilst our girls are. I have determined to live until I am at least 110 so that I can be with them all into old age. Any other prospect is unthinkable. I want to know them for decades and decades and decades.

From Putting Stuff Off to Thinking I Am Going to Run at Life with Confidence and Delight

I realized that my life is now. Today and yesterday I made choices about how to spend my time and my  money (of which I currently have none due to the exciting place I am inhabiting between being an employee and earning money from my own business.) THIS IS IT. THIS IS MY LIFE. And this is what I want:

  1. In 2014 I will work with and for families, sharing what I know and make my living from this work.
  2. In 2014 I will continue to work to teach my own children anger management skills, conflict management skills, how to show respect to others and especially each other whilst using these skills. I will encourage the consistent and regular use of gratitude and appreciation to feather the nest of our home and close family relationships.
  3. I will become more of a model of these skills by revising them myself and working to use them.
  4. I will get good sleep this year. If I don’t I will be an irritable old cow who won’t have the patience and energy needed for 2 and 3 above.
  5. My family and I are going to have more days out and fun and more guests, dinner parties, film nights, crafting-afternoons, cosy story reading and socializing and time-together moments.
  6. I’m going to monthly meal plan, monthly and weekly write shopping lists and feed us all well and healthily and deliciously. I’m going to spend 20 minutes every day making one area of our home clean, cosy, decluttered and a pleasure to sit in and to look at.
  7. I am going to prioritize family first. My husband, my children, my Mum. I am going to prioritise my business second and create  great value and support to parents, children and families that will be work I love whilst also providing an income to create the life that I want for us all. Somewhere throughout these two, I am going to prioritise my friendships because the support, advice and laughs I get from my friends makes all of this possible no matter what life chucks my way.

I’m excited about the year ahead. 2014, I’m very pleased to welcome you.

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